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In Memoriam

Carl Morrison

Carl Morrison.jpg

Colonel (Col.) Carl Morrison was a well-respected collaborative leader of California Flood Risk Management issues. He was known for being warm, inviting, dedicated, hardworking, and supportive. After his sudden passing in 2018, this California Silver Jackets Award was established in his honor.

In addition to Carl being a true gentleman with a zest for life, Carl was a family man, man of faith, Marine veteran, and Vice Commander of California’s Civil Air Patrol.  He loved flying and sharing that love with others. Carl was actively engaged in the Bay Area IRWM and Roundtable of Regions. One of Carl’s recent passions was Advanced Quantitative Precipitation Information (AQPI).   He speared-headed the Bay Area IRWM’s Prop 84 Round 4 grant application for the project and has been shepherding it through the implementation process. 

Liz Mansfield

Liz Mansfield 2002.jpg

Liz Mansfield had an unstoppable dream of collaborative watershed resource management that profoundly benefitted California. Liz’s 30-year career included serving as the California Department of Water Resources Assistant Deputy Director. She was instrumental in crafting the Integrated Regional Water Management Program in 2002. She believed passionately in collaborative resource management and felt strongly in this holistic approach as the future of California water management.

As founder and Executive Director of the Sierra Water Workgroup, Liz recognized the potential of integrated watershed management from its inception and helped Sierra regional agencies and organizations to realize and benefit from this approach. She worked tirelessly to guide public funding towards critical Sierra objectives and to offer an effective platform to diverse voices from Sierra communities.

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