Tribal Engagement

Tribal Regional Water Management Webinar 

DWR's Office of Tribal Policy Advisor and Division of Regional Assistance is hosted a three-part webinar series on Tribal Regional Water Management. The objective was to improve opportunities for Tribal engagement in Integrated Regional Water Management and provide more access to funding for California Native Tribes.

The webinar, held May 19, 26, and June 2, 2020, was organized as follows: 

Part 1: Tribes and Regional Water Management Create a common understanding of IRWM by hearing about how Tribes have engaged with IRWM throughout California.

Part 2: Tribal Engagement in Regional Water Management Further discuss successes and challenges Tribes have experienced in IRWM and consider methods to improve opportunities for Tribes.

Part 3: The Future of Regional Water Management Look beyond the scope of IRWM to consider the future of regional water management and how this intersects with other sectors and programs.